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if i cut off your arms and cut off you legs would you still love me anyway?
I like muzik, non-stop.
I like British things, like Bill Bailey, Dr. Who, Simon Peg, Monty Python, meat pies, fish n chips, pints of beer, saying "Bollucks", punk, post punk, new-wave
I like KRAFTWERK. I thought I would never see them after a botched attempt to catch them in Chicago. But 10 years later they were still alive and on tour and I caught the last show of the tour in Miami. I have never gone to such great lengths to see a group as I have for them. And it was worth it. Totally.
I like Adult Swim, sometimes.
I like animals.
I dislike peoples.
I like southern food
I like french films.
I like stupid b horror sci fi films
I like killing time...Die stupid time, die!!